Strata & Community Title

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Strata & Community Title

Pace Land Surveyors have years of experience in strata and community Title. Our team understand the needs of the developer whilst ensuring all legal requirements are maintained. We will prepare your strata or community plan for registration with NSW Land Registry services and provide expert advice along the way.  

Strata Title

Strata title allows for ownership of cubic space, which can be inside or outside of a building and is limited in height and depth. Strata title allows for the creation of common areas within the strata scheme known as common property. The common property is the responsibility of the owners corporation, the owners corporation is a body corporate of all the lot owners within the strata scheme, which gives the owner of each lot a chance to have their say and vote on decisions that will benefit the strata scheme.

Strata Title
Strata Title Newcastle

A strata title allows for and will usually contain common property, this could be a common area for each lot owner to enjoy such as a pool or other recreational space, a driveway, walls of the building, services etc. The owners corporation is responsible for the management and maintenance of all common property.

Strata title also allows for the creation of lots below the minimum lot size as shown in your local environmental plan (LEP), which may not be permitted with torrens title subdivision (torrens title is the most common form of ownership of land in NSW).  

Strata scheme’s can be created on a range of land uses, such as;

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Mixed use

 Types of strata plans include:

Strata Plan

 A strata plan is the original plan that creates the strata scheme.

Strata Plan of Subdivision

This plan subdivides existing lots and/or common property within the strata scheme.

Strata Plan Of Consolidation

This plan consolidates two or more lots within the strata scheme into a single lot.

Strata Plan of Building Alteration

The strata plan of building alteration is required where the definition of the boundary of a strata lot is affected by the construction or removal of a structure. It is not possible to alter the position of a lot boundary with a strata plan of building alteration, its purpose is to show whether or not, the lot boundary is defined by a structure.

Community Title

Community title fills in the gap for developments that may not be suited to torrens subdivision or strata subdivision, it’s a bit of a middle ground between the two. A community plan has association property, which is similar to common property in a strata scheme. The association property is managed and maintained by the community association. Community title gives you the opportunity to subdivide land while setting aside land (association property) for the use and enjoyment of everyone within the community scheme and does not require the construction of a building.

Community Title
Boundary Survey

There are 3 types of community schemes.

Community, precinct & neighbourhood. It is possible for example to have a neighbourhood scheme within a community scheme, which would mean that an owner of a property in the neighbourhood scheme would have the benefits of the use of their neighbourhood property,  and also the community property belonging to the community scheme that the neighbourhood scheme is a part of. There are different rules for each of the 3 types of schemes, which we can go through with you to help you figure out the best option for your development. A strata scheme can also be created within a community or precinct scheme, however a neighbourhood plan can not be subdivided by a strata plan.

Community plans can be quite complex with several different components to the plan, with our experience, we can guide you through the process and create the community scheme that best suits your development.

Pace Land Surveying have years of experience with strata and community title. Our experienced surveyors are able to work through all the land surveying processes with you and help turn your vision into reality.  

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